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Sweet Doug! I'd love a later bay westy. I do miss the bus, I've always been
a bus guy.
Yeah, anyone/everyone is welcome at Joes for the BU camp. It's a nice woody
lot where he lives, way back in the woods, about 2 miles off the main road.
I'll shoot a reminder out to you in about a week. BU is only 2 1/2 weeks
away bro, get ready!

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J L said:
> What year bus you have Doug? I had a 67 13 window deluxe for about 14
> years. Traded her for the notchback though.
I'd a '75 tin-top Westy in the basic white, with the blue/green plain
interior. We bought it from the original owners (parents of a good junior
high friend) and have been mechanically restoring it ever since. It has a
totally redone drivetrain and is a great long distance traveler. This
summer I'm hoping we'll able to secure enough time to drive it up through
Niagara Falls, then around Lake Ontario to Quebec City and back down
through the Adirondacks.

> Hey my friend Joe hosts a campout every year for BU. Anyone is welcome. He
> lives about 4 mis from the drag strip where the BU is held in Petersburg.
> usually dont do the campout since I live about 8 mis from the track. But
> usually come on early Sun morning to Joes house to ride in w everyone into
> the BU gates. The group that I ride in w is C3Vs.. central va vintage
> and however else is at the campout.
Ah, very cool! I might very well take you up on that offer as I was hoping
to camp but had no idea where to do it. I'll look into the details...thanks
for the info! If I forget, ping me a little closer to the event date at
dougbrashear at yahoo.com.

- Doug :-)
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