[T3] I bought a Squareback!

Sean Bartnik sjbartnik at mac.com
Fri May 15 10:48:20 PDT 2015

Hi all,
I posted a quick introduction a few months ago but since then I've been lurking and learning while searching for the right square. 

Well it turns out I found it in Keith Park's '65 Variant, the Eggcrate. I went and picked it up yesterday and had a great ride home. 

I'm sure most of you guys have followed Keith's progress on the restoration of the Eggcrate over the years and indeed he did a great job. The car is gorgeous and a joy to drive. 

Only one minor issue I need to chase down: it pulls to the right pretty hard under braking. The harder you brake, the harder it pulls. If you really jam on it it goes crooked enough to destabilize the forward trajectory of the car so I need to chase this down.  

My first angle of attack will be to see if I can work it out through brake adjustment. 

The front brakes are basically completely new and if I recall correctly Keith said he used NOS brake shoes. His theory was that perhaps there are different compounds side to side or for whatever reason have different friction properties side to side. He suggested that if I can't get the pull out with adjustment then I should replace the shoes. 

In the event I have to go that route, does anyone know where I can source good front brake shoes for a '65 square?  My research seems to suggest these are a 2-year-only shoe and none of the usual vendors seem to carry them. 



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