[T3] 72 VW Fastback idlle

Dennis Stiefel dlstiefel at dekalbk12.org
Tue May 19 11:39:05 PDT 2015

After all this time of driving clementine I still am having issues with it idling too slow when the engine is fully warmed up.  As you can see in this video I have the idle screw out nearly all the way out and yes I know I need to reroute the hose for the vacuum advance.  There is a part on the air distributor that looks like a vacuum diaphragm I think some manufacturers call it a dashpot.  It keeps the throttle from snapping shut too quick when you suddenly let off the accelerator.  Anyway I think part of it is missing as you may be able to see in the video.  I'm thinking no but could this cause my slow idle issue. If you listen you can hear how slow she is idling. I just got through driving her about 15 mins or so when I took this video. The temperature was in the low 80s at lunch time when I done this today.  I have took the idle screw out and cleaned it up in there the best I could. That helped some but not enough. To remind some on here when I installed this FI system it had been setting up about 30 years so there was some crud in there. If there is still some more in there I may have to take the air distributor off and soak it in carb cleaner.  Any ideas?

Dennis Stiefel
72 fastback FI MT
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