[T3] Any advice on attending VW FunFest in Effingham, Ill.?

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Fri May 22 18:10:12 PDT 2015

I was just thinking, this sounds like fun!  Unfortunately, Im pretty busy
this summer getting the camp at the lake ready for my 2 weeks up there at
the end of July, I need to get the propane and propane accessories going so
I have hot water and a large fridge for all the food the Teen's need, then I
need to install all the solar arrays, electrical panel boxes and inverters
for the power, and more and more.  Right now its all a bunch of extension
cords and hoses...

Oh, and I need to build the bunkhouse!

Summers are too short....


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[[[Let us know if you pick a place to stay. Melissa asks if Gail will be
coming with you?]]]


Yes, Gail will be coming too. I think since we hosted the last Invasion
instead of driving to the Invasion; Gail feels like she missed out on a T3
road trip - LOL!

Joyce and Steve Crispino are planning on driving their Fasty there too, but
I'm not sure of who else will be driving with us. I'm hoping Keith reads
this and will want to join us too!

This Funfest is the first weekend in June, and we are just now doing
reservation research. I need to email Doug tonight as Bob suggested too. I
want to make the reservations this weekend for sure.

Jim - if you and Melissa want to attend; I will let you know where we are
staying as soon as we know!


Dave Pallo

'72 Square ~ Elwood

Fairport, NY



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