[T3] 2016 Invasion - June 16-19, 2016 - Prescott Valley, AZ

Adriel Rowley adriel_rowley at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 4 21:43:23 PDT 2015

Pedro is a fantastic human, and a very nice of him to contribute so much! For no reason other than need and without me knowing, made some brackets for a rack Jack Fisher gave me. He put them on while storing a non-running Squareback at Jack's (against the agreement) and never have had a chance to thank him in person. Reminds me, when do get the Squareback on the road, need to take to Church and see if the tires catch fire and have the demons exorcised (inside joke, F.I.Y.).

As for donations, have a bin or two of early parts. Know a set of tail lights.

Seven months, yikes! Have to have y'all keep on me. ;p Currently looking for an air compressor, as none of my friends have one (need 3.5CFM at 50psi).

Thank you so very much!


1971 Sunroof Squareback with F.I. - In the Process of Being Dog Wgn 2
1985 Mercedes-Benz 300TD-T - Dog Wgn
Master's Student, A.S.U., living in north central Mesa, AZ

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> Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2015 00:06:45 -0400
> To: type3 at vwtype3.org
> Subject: Re: [T3] 2016 Invasion - June 16-19, 2016 - Prescott Valley, AZ
> Check out the latest updates to the Invasion website!
> http://www.carartbyjohn.com/2016Invasion/index.html
> I am happy to announce that Pedro Sainz (of Pedro's Accessories http://www.pedroracks.com/) has generously offered to sponsor the Invasion by covering some of the costs of the shirts. This will let us donate even more from the sale of each shirt to the Invasion charity. It will also let us keep the costs of the shirts to the Invaders down. I will get the details out as soon as I have the shirt pricing nailed down. I will also be able to get the shirts made up ahead of time to offer up early sales.
> Pedro has also gone over the top and donated one of his famous Type 3 Roof Racks to the charity auction. The winner will get their choice of Type 3 Roof Racks custom built by Pedro.
> Check out the Auction Page on the website http://www.carartbyjohn.com/2016Invasion/InvasionAuction2016.html for all the details.
> I have also uploaded some other auction items. If anyone has some Type 3 bits and piece they want to donate, please let me know.
> I also added some more Invaders to the list and the map. Up to nearly 30 Invaders so far!
> Little over 7 months to go!
> Later,
> John Jaranson
> www.carartbyjohn.com
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