[T3] Shock Absorbers - Rear

Jeremy Menzies skellzangelz at hotmail.com
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I've seen Sachs/Boge shocks available for a decent price (like $30-40 ea?) from a European parts wholesaler.  If you have a mechanic who does European stuff, maybe inquire with them on ordering some.  As far as I know those are as "correct" and "stock" as they come these days, vs other brands.
That said, I highly recommend Koni shocks if money is not a big issue.  They're expensive and maybe 1-2K miles per year of summer driving doesn't justify it but they're pretty awesome.  I bought a set for my '71 Squareback when they went on sale and it made a very noticeable improvement in handling and ride.I had KYB Gas-a-just shocks on the car from when I bought it, which aren't exactly a stock shock to compare to but I still think the Konis are a really good way to go.  Plus, they're adjustable so you can set them how you like (soft or firm).
I felt like the KYBs were too stiff, esp for the rear.
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> >ALL shocks are oil filled. Some are also gas pressurised. Confusion
> >about this is rampant. I'd have to draw you a picture to show you how
> >the pressurization is done, but it's done to keep the oil from
> >turning to useless foam when the shock is worked hard.
> Why don't you draw ALL OF US a (CAD?) picture.
> It could be educational.  Isn't that what this Forum is all about?
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