[T3] Now a brake glitch

Tim Keohane rheorojo at frontier.com
Sun Oct 25 09:08:34 PDT 2015

Got the hoses on thursday. ( thanks Jim ) Friday I pulled each bleeder valve ( 2 per caliper) with no change in drag on either wheel. The RF being the most severe, the LF very slight and a little rubbing noise. I then pulled the hoses off the caliper, again with  no change in the drag/resistance. Figuring the calipers are gummy at best. I spread the pads manually and got a discharge from the hose port. The calipers are off and I see no numbers. I'm concluding these are after market calipers as I would think there would be a number visible on the body. I see Porsche used some of the same calipers but not for long. I've read where O E manufacturing (china) and TRW ( Varga  -Canada) make replacements but are poorer and poor replacements. 
Soooo it looks like I rebuild these and search for some german replacements. 

Any suggestions???

73 T3 auto

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