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Second  was tracking down a welder. Not 100 percent due to my 
acquaintance/friend  being really busy, but for now saves a large expense of the budget 
on getting  a welder (about a third). Said need to get it mostly, if not 
completely,  ready. Thinking to leave the fenders on for now so can blast  those.

Next challenge will be finding an air compressor for the sand  blaster I 
bought ages ago.
Adriel, I tried answering your e-mail, but it bounced back. I had  
suggested Craig's List for a welder. Try and find a Hobart, Miller, Lincoln, or  a 
Century in the 110 volt range, and around 140 amps output. Try and find a gas 
 one, as it's cleaner than flux core welding. Harbour Freight sells äuto  
darkening"helmets for cheap, and they do work.
Compressors are a whole different animal, in that a sand blaster is a  
"controlled air leak'. You need a lot of air to run a sand blaster. I  use an 80 
gallon tank with 7.5 hp V4 compressor out in the shop. It  keeps up with 
blasting for the most part (could be larger). But die grinders,  DA's , and 
power long boards are also air eaters that it runs. An impact is  basically 
short blasts of air, but with only pressure being the main use. Spray  guns 
like volume (large capacity) air supplies. The more volume, the longer  
between compressor starts.
You might want to look on Craig's list for a large one. But, keep in  mind 
most good ones are 220 volt, and you'll need it to run it.
I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch  with sunroof
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