[T3] WOW! the RUST!

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Wed Apr 20 17:18:42 PDT 2016




I crawled under Winterat to replace the rear muffler and was shocked at what
I found!  This is the heart of the rust belt,

So its expected to see things rusting pretty fast under there but this year,
anything that didn't have oil on it was vastly more

Rusty that any previous year and this past winter was a pretty short one!
Brakes, exhaust, rims.  all rusting up faster than ever before!

I know they have been using magnesium chloride on the state roads for a
while, and even Beet juice, YES  Beet juice!  But this year they started

Brining, with special brining trucks, on all the interstates and some of the
county roads.. But what is IN that brine?  What happens when you MIX the
Magnesium with Salt?  Do we have any chemists here?  My poor little Golf!
Whatever they are doing its causing the rust to speed way up..

NASTY NASTY stuff in those brine trucks, but what is it?


I think Ill keep the Golf on the road thru a couple more good rains, don't
want to be driving Hothe thru any puddles for a while yet till I know its
all washed off.  I haven't seen them washing down the bridges yet or any of
the Zambonies run thru the neighborhood..






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