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Hi Jim, 

I replaced the voltage regulator in my 71 T3 FI. with Bosch 30019 yea, it works great. 14.1 plus dc volts. That was the problem since 2012. Bad vc. Can vr's be adjusted? Sure runs super now. Next I will adjust the valves. Remember how noisey the engine sounded? I will recheck fuel pressure to 30-31 psi. Check the plugs or change them or clean them. Also check timing. What do suggest that should be at? My motor is a 6140cc built out a little bigger. 

Also remember we saw the torque converter spinning while engine running? Can you look at your T3 automatic and look if you can see your torque converter is also visible at top of motor? 

Too bad is was so hot at the show. Too bad we did not have it a week before. The weather was in the high 70's, perfect then. We broke a record last Monday 105 degrees. Normal should be around 85. At night 54. So don't blame me. Ha. It is still hot, 91 today. 

Your friend, 

Kenny Rogers 


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