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Far as I remember that is correct. 
Need to put in a thought here. 
When I was in Automotive school it was always enforced that most wear is caused from toe. So this picture would indicate to me that there is a fair amount of - camber with toe being out of adjustment either toe in or toe out, more likely toe out. Check the bolts that hold the spring plate to the cross arm see if there is any markings where the bolts used to be more than likely are rusted marks by now. Might also verify that there is still grommets left on the inner arm mount and the torsion bar where the spring plate is connected.

My 49 cents,
Daniel Du Vall

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 I can never remember which
way is + and which is - on  camber.
+ is out at the top, and - is in at the top. At least that's how I
remember it.

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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