[T3] Bad day at the (FI) office

Daniel K. Du Vall dduvall at 1peter4-10.org
Wed Mar 16 16:43:05 PDT 2016

That's what I figured also on the switch option. The so far as I can see no adjustment in the config.

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On 16 Mar 2016 at 11:18, Daniel K. Du Vall wrote:

> On that what is your cost for the prime kit you sell?

It's only $10 for MT, $11 for AT, plus shipping.

The new, 3-way kit will be more, probably about $25 plus shipping.
It's a MUCH more expensive, and much more rugged, switch.

> This could be useful even with a Megasquirt. I noted it need more this
> week before it got all the heat soak vapers out of the line after
> sitting all day. I still have yet to find a setting that will extent
> the time of the key on prime in the Megasquirt.

On the D-jet systems, that timing is the same for initial turn-on and
for turn-off if the engine stalls. That's a safety feature, in case a
fuel line is broken in an accident. It limits the amount of gas that
will be pumped out before the pump is turned off. If you can adjust
those 2 times independently with the Megasquirt then it would be fine
to change just the turn-on delay, but you don't want to extend the
turn-off delay.

A primer switch is probably a better solution. All my cars have them.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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