[T3] Bad day at the (FI) office

Jessica Chase jesassica at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 15:15:11 PDT 2016

We had another occasion to drive the car today and there were no problems other than that we filled up the tank again and our average MPG over 4 tanks is still 15. So now no bucking, hesitation, or weird stuff at idle over two drives, 25 miles and maybe an hour on the road total! Of course everything could return tomorrow, but maybe we’ve turned another corner!?! Our goal is to go away this weekend in this car without it leaving us on the side of the road.

As for power, both of us were of the opinion that it felt just like it used to prior to recent issues, but we should drive a little more before we come to any conclusions. Daniel is going to drive to work tomorrow and that’ll give us another round of observations.

Is it now time to unplug the pressure switch and the TVS or should we wait?


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