[T3] question one 003 auto trans diff section

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Tue Mar 29 13:15:06 PDT 2016

I have the one in my 73 T-3 and a spare from a 72 T-3 both have atuo trans cases and diffs and auto trans. 

 I was thinking of re sealing the spare 72 diff section I have . 

 I looed on the right side or the 72 diff at the very bottom on the right side just ahead of the diff fill plug . Both diff housings have the same VW # 003 507 111A same spot but on the left side as they would set in the car. The 72 Diff section on the right side begins with 2 letters followed by numbers the 72 is an EK , the 73 in the car is an EJ. 

 I was trying to determine the diff final drive gear ratio. T-3 should be 3.67 . 

 I found this chart 
      Well, checking some of the info I got from Russ, says that there were 2 
      different sets of AT final drive gear ratios. 
      A 411 (sedan) got the same 3.67:1 that the type 3 got. 
      The 461 (wagon) got the 3.91:1 final driveratio. 
      The 411 is marked ED, while the 461 is marked EC (how you tell the 
      difference between the 2). 

      Okay, here's what I find in my latest "Without Guesswork." 

      Type 3: 9:33 (3.67) transmission marked EB 

      Type 4 (both bodies): 11:43 (3.91) up thru July '73 marked EG or EH 

      Type 4 1700 sedan: 11:41 (3.72) from Aug '73 

      Type 4 1700 wagon: 11:43 (3.91) from Aug '73 

      Type 4 1800 both bodies: 11:43 (3.91) from Nov '73 

      or, viewed a different way: 

      EB: 9:33 (3.67) used on Type 3s 

      My book doesn't mention the ED, but I'll bet that's the later Type 3 
      version introduced in Aug '71. 

      EG: 11:43 (3.91) used on Type 4 1700s up to July '71 

      EH: 11:43 (3.91) used on Type 4 1700s Jul '71-on 

      EK: 11:41 (3.72) used on Type 4 1700 sedans from Jan '73 

      EM: 11:43 (3.91) used on Type 4 1800s 

      I believe the E? is a prefix to a serial number that's stamped 
      somewhere on the lower side of the case, so it will somewhat hard to 
      find. I don't remember where to tell you to look for it. 

      The book implies that all of these gearsets were made by Gleason. 

 It states the T-3 3.67 is EB can't find EJ . It states EK as 3.72. 

 Is there any info on the EJ ? Also without removing the 72 EK gear set out of the case how can I determine the ratio since I don't know if I can trust the case markings . And how would I determine what ratio the EJ is since the diff is in the car so I cant see the pinion end ? 

 The EJ has always been in this car since I bought it and it seems to be the proper ratio based on speed and in 3rd gear and tach readings.

 Any help would be great. 


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