[T3] The infamous 9-pin relay

Max Welton max_welton_2k at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 8 19:39:56 PDT 2016

In my rewiring project, I have everything working except the 
emergency flashers and the indicator lights for the turn 
signals. The turn signals themselves are working just fine.

For my guide I have been using this diagram for the car:


And this for the 9-pin:


I have two relay boxes, both have the 54 and 54f terminals 
not shown in the diagram for the car. I have not connected 
them to anything.

So, one 9-pin came from my 68. In that car the emergency 
flashers didn't work and the dash indicators would usually 
give a single blink and then nothing.

The 9-pin that came with the 67 gives no dash indicator 
flash when the turn signals are running and when I wired 
up -S and 49a to the emergency flasher switch (as shown 
in the diagram), the fuse blew as soon as the switch closed.

So, I am looking for a known good 9-pin 12v relay. I'm hoping
that will resolve the indicator light issue.

The emergency flasher issue seems like some mistake I've 
made. The car diagram shows the switch wired to S and 49a. 
Matt Roberds page shows a "-S" instead of "S". I hope these
are the same terminal.
Max Welton http://www.maxwelton2k.net/

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