[T3] Headlight switch wiring

art sterrett aochief5778 at att.net
Sat Oct 22 12:08:08 PDT 2016

The headlight switch fell apart on my 1971 Fastback.  Manufacture date is Sept 1970.  I purchased a new switch (8 pole) P/N 113941531E and installed it.  I transferred the wires using the Bentley manual and I have wound up with some problems.  I have one wire which appears to be grey/w black stripes and I do not know where it should go, I know it came off the old switch but do not know where to put it on the new switch!  The new switch has two 30 spades and has a 58L and 58R which are not used.

The new switch has 30 with a red wire from the fuse box, 56 with a white wire with a black stripe, 58 with a grey wire going to the fuse box, X with a red wire w/ a black stripe, and 58b with a white wire w/ a red stripe.  58L and 58R not used and a 2nd 30 spade not used.  I need to know where to put this grey wire with black stripes.

When I changed switch out my turn signals no longer work!  Hoping some of you with more electric experience than I have can help me out as I don’t want to hook something up and blow or short out other things.

Thanks, Art Sterrett

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