[T3] broken horn ring and a cool weather idle hunt

Daniel Nohejl d.nohejl at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 10:40:28 PDT 2016

So after about 8k miles of trouble free driving (which has been a tremendous relief after years of intermittent issues), we’ve suddenly developed a few minor and unrelated concerns:

1) Yesterday, a vigorous application of the horn when a driver abruptly cut us off on the highway snapped the horn ring. Does anyone know if the part # for a Type 3 horn ring is the same as Type 1? Or does anyone have a good untarnished Type 3 horn ring they want to sell?

2) We have a hunt at cold idle when the temps drop below 60* or so. It begins a few minutes after driving off from a cold start. After 5-15 minutes (shorter when warmer, longer when cooler) the idle goes back to normal. The car drives just fine, but the hunt is aggravating, especially in the AM commute. On warmer (60*+) mornings there’s no hunt at all, so the issue is clearly external temp related. 

General info: I haven’t touched the AAR which is the same one I’ve been using since installing the motor over the winter and there was no cold idle issue. Idle speed, dwell, timing, and valves are all fine. There are no idle issues once the motor is warm. The intake runners are tightened down, the runner boots are in good condition, and the vacuum lines are all less than a year old and snug. Can’t find any vac leaks. 

Any insights?

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