[T3] Fastback slide show

dlstiefel dlstiefel at dekalbk12.org
Mon Sep 12 18:06:38 PDT 2016

For starters you wont be able to watch this if you are on a smart phone 
or in Germany because of the copy rights on the song I used. This is 
just a slide show on the fastback I made when I was sick about a year 
and a half ago and board on the iPad. The first ones are of my brother 
and myself in the 70s then Angela (my wife) and other family in the 80s. 
Then it jumps to 2010 when we first pulled it out after 20 years of 
storage and started the restoration then the last ones are when we put 
it in the 2014 Rainsville AL Christmas parade. It looks about the same 
now as the last ones except for different wheels.


Dennis Stiefel
72 Fastback FI MT
Rainsville, AL

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