[T3] Fwd: fuel pump stays on, never shuts off

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Thu Sep 15 00:20:47 PDT 2016

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I'm tickled to hear that a new VR got your voltage up and restored 
the engine's performance and gas mileage. Glad to hear also that you 
fixed the incorrectly set timing.

Now, how about the fuel pump staying on? Has that been fixed?

On 23 Aug 2016 at 18:08, KENNETH ROGERS wrote:

> We also noticed that the torque converter could be seen spinning from
> top of engine view.  Please look at your automatic and see if you can
> also see your tonque converter. 

I finally found time to open up my AT square and look over the top of 
the engine. I see that the torque converter is visible there, so 
that's normal and nothing to worry about. Don't know why I didn't 
remember that the AT bell housing was open on top....

> Again, I have nothing but trouble sending emails to this group.  It
> seems that the way I can get through is to piggy back on other emails.
> This is why I am barely ever on .  Bummer! 

It's likely that you're just not getting the address right, or you're 
trying to email the list from a different computer, or using 
different software, that lists your name or email address 
differently. These messages from you came in just fine.

-Hi Jim,

We are in Germany right now for a month.  We have gone to many places.  Wolfburg Vw Autostadt museum and yesterday to the Stuggart, Porsche museum.  We are now on the Rhine for 2 days.  I am glad you got back to me.  We will be back in Arizona end of next week.  Thanks for your input.

Kenny Rogers 
Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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