[T3] Horn Fix

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 3 17:02:26 PDT 2017

None of my spare, old horns are any good.   Present horn only does the faintest, inaudible beep.   Test light shows that, yes, beeping the horn at the steering wheel sends the electric message to beep. So...problem seems to be the horn itself, not wiring or anything else.

The current horn (a Bosch) is spot-welded together so there's no chance of going inside it to clean up or anything....as if that would help.    So...are replacement horns from some Parts Shops usable?  Can they be weather-proof mounted outside the car on the underside of the bumper?  
 Just wondering what T III owners do when the horn goes bad, and there's no chance of going to VW dealer to get replacement for a 71 (or 72 or 73) horn.   Haven't searched up on-line old VW parts suppliers yet.   Hoping to just go to local Auto Parts store, or finding a tricky fix. 
Can't believe a VW horn isn't fixable by us "volks"...and that one only lasts 46 years.
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