[T3] Type 3 Reversing Lights

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
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Oh dear - I'm sorry to confess (unusually) I've done what others have done
before me. I missed that detail this time. Apologies.

Actually, I was referring to the '70-on with the bigger tail-lights.  I
can't recall if our 1500S had back-up lights, but they would have had to be
stand-alone, until the larger tail-lights came in. It really is true that
the basic '70 on in many cases did not come with bulb holders in the
reversing light housing.  I recall letters to VW (Safer) Motoring
complsining, and an article on how to put reversing lights in.  If I had
many hours spare I could no doubt trawl through the back numbers and find
the article.  Whether some dealers fitted them, or owners had them
retro-fitted I couldn't say.  The passenger sunvisor wasn't includsd in the
basic spec in later brochures, but I can't recall seeing any which only had
the one.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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When replying, please consider trimming your message. Thanks! :)

I don't wish to pick on any particular person, but those of you who prefer
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has been accumulated and forwarded unnecessarily in the course of this

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something you might want to think about.

Thanks for your consideration.  ;-)

And, to be on topic, I suspect Dave's comment about the UK basic models not
having backup lights applies only to basic models up thru '69, where the
backup lights themselves were separate appendages mounted on the rear


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