[T3] Type 3 Reversing Lights

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Sun Apr 9 14:44:57 PDT 2017

Sorry, Jim, it was just a Typo - 1600A is my '71 dual carb, as you recalled

The Bad weather package is Z01.  I would think the intermittent wiper
addition was part of that package. I've dug out the original order form, and
looking at it, only the fog-lights and intermittent relay are not listed
separately. Differences from mine were bright vent-wing frames, fresh-air
fan, lockable glove box, inertia-reel front belts, waist trim and higher
spec interior trim, like map pockets, separate rearside arm-rests, rear
ash-trays both sides, proper vinyl covered rear linings (mine are just cut
out from vinyl-coated masonite), front trunk lined on air-box and inner
fenders. These differences seem to be standard on the L-trim spec. I'm
surprised that fog-lights and the intermittent wiper circuitry would add
almost 200 Deutsche Marks to the price, when the mudflaps are only 26DM

Other options were 020 (mph speedo), 074 (mudflaps), 102 (HRW), 172 (Steel
radials), 258 (fixed headrests front - ie high-backs!).

Built 6 Feb 1973, delivered to Tolke & Fischer Wholesalers, Krefeld on 8
It was purchased by a serviceman at Bielefeld through the British Forces
Germany (BFG) private purchasing scheme, which allowed reductions on import
duty and taxes when bringing it back into the country after the posting (2
years I think was the qualifying period of foreign ownership. 

I've transcribed the order form, but I'll scan what I have and send it to
you FYI, Jim:-

1600L Variant  alaska met  54PS Motor  Price DM 8.072,07
Upholstery Cloth Colour:  black
Metallic finish  DM 157,66
Wet weather packet  DM 198,20
Heated rear window  DM 64.86
Radial ply tyres (steel)  DM 157,66
Fixed headrests front  DM 48,65
Mud flaps rear  DM 26,13

Delivery  DM 55,00

Total 8.780,23 

The upholstery was in excellent condition, but being centre-rail, there was
no temptation to put it into my 1600A Variant. 

Yes, the UK spec with amber rear flasher lenses all have clear reversing
light sections, even if there are no bulb-holders.  

I'm really regretting the subframe was already showing serious rust when I
got it, and that the tax in the UK for historic vehicles stopped at first
registration before Jan '73, which meant there wasn't the incentive to
restore it at the time.  We did find certain things missing as we recycled
it, but nothing major.  Still, the gearbox should be good as it was replaced
about 25,000 miles ago when something broke internally.  The car had only
done around 65,000 miles.  The engine does turn, but obviously I've not
moved it more than a fraction just to check.

The other thing that surprised me when we took off the rear body, there was
sticky D10 mastic (or whatever its code is - the stuff used between the
front fenders and body to seal), and no sign of a floorpan gasket.  Is that
normal? I've not noticed it before.  

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On 8 Apr 2017 at 23:53, Dave Hall wrote:

> Very possibly, but a lot may have happened in the 12-15 years before 
> you owned it. My 1971 1500A Variant came to me with reversing lights, 
> but it's not clear whether they were fitted in the UK. It also had a 
> clock that was dated a bit later than the car, too, so clearly had 
> been retro-fitted, and that must have been the first owner, as I'm only
the second.

A '71 with a 1500 engine? I thought your '71 was dual carb, but they only
made a single carb 1500 in '71. Or was this a 1600 engine in a car with a
1500 label on it, which would seem odd?


Do you have an M code for the bad weather pack? If so, I can post it. I
can't find (but it may be here) any mention of an intermittent wiper, so
this may have been a dealer installed item. Got any other info that would
help track this down?  

I never would have guessed that it could have been economical to delete the
backup lamp bulb contacts from the taillight base, but, to my amazement,
there are FOUR different taillight bases listed in the parts book for the
late body style: 2 for 70-71 (chrome) one of which is for M239/M297 and 2
72-73 (silver paint) one of which is for M239. The other 2 must have been
without the taillight contacts.  

Here's what those M codes mean:


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