[T3] throttle valve switch

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On 27 Apr 2017 at 17:49, KENNETH ROGERS wrote:

> The manual says when adjusting throttle valve switch use an ohm meter
> to check switch unplugged. I used THIS method, turn key on and adjust
> counter clockwise the TVS. Move forward till you hear the click.
> Adjust 2 degrees clock wise and set. OK, with you? 

The manual is wrong here. Their method is only correct for '68-9. There are 
3 different types of TVSs used on Type 3s and each is adjusted somewhat 

I'm sending you my writeup on adjusting the TVS.

 I have holding in my hand a Vw part # 311906051 B should I try this?  I do not know if it was tampered or not. I bought in on the Samba a few years ago.  Is it correct for 71 and should I try it?  I kinda don't think so.
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