[T3] throttle valve switch

KENNETH ROGERS kensue356 at cableone.net
Thu Apr 27 20:07:52 PDT 2017

Both pressure sensors have the same part numbers.  I just installed the used Samba one. I have not started the car.  I want to check and adj the fuel regulator to specs or as you have stated to me. The plastic is still on and has not been tampered. Would you know off hand what the correct part number is for the 71?  I saw no 3 adjustment screws on either. Just one.  If it is not correct, do you have one to sell me? I would be glad to send these to you.  I sucked both pressure sensors and both hold pressure. 

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On 27 Apr 2017 at 18:59, KENNETH ROGERS wrote:

>  I have holding in my hand a Vw part # 311906051 B should I try this?

No, that's the correct part for '68-9.

> I do not know if it was tampered or not. 

If the epoxy is still there on the adjusting screw, it has not been 
tampered with. The 68-9 and 72-3 pressure sensors have only a single 
adjustment. The 70-1 units have that diaphram and 3 interacting 

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