[T3] On a 73 T-3 SB fuel injected aut trans pinging .

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Mon Dec 4 13:35:51 PST 2017

 Last friday I drove it about 12 miles to pick up a few items at 4 places. Each time the car sat for 10 to 20 minutes. The engine was warmed up . The last stop about a mile away on the way home when it shifted into seecond gear if I just pushed te gas I got a ping . Itwas steady and loud and stopped as I backed off . 

 I just drove it today about 2 miles and on te way home it did the same thing yet it does not always happen .

 Does it sound like the mechanical advance weights might be sticking ? 

 I would hear a slight ping once in a while if I took off from a stop to get into traffic from side streets to main streets . At most three very slight pings and not always. 

 I checked the timing and it was 5 degrees BTDC per the Bentley and have the proper mark painted . It's also colder now , well 67 F if that's cold .

 I have another distributor that has no wear that I cleaned and lubed and AH which came with the 73 engine it has no wear and I replaced the worn fiber washers . I had it completely apart .

 The way the ping is either there and then not seems like mechanical advance weights are either binding or sticking. I can't see them enough to tell . I know they can bind on the pivot pin or dried out old lube 

 I guess the only way to know is pull it and take a look and then use the AH distributor . 

 The idle does not go up when I come to a stop and I'm not sure it would if a weight was not returning. I think it would . I think all it would take is a weight that hangs up as I'm driving then it some how frees up at idle . I can see the advance springs and they are connected.

 The odd thing on the 72 Dist in the car now the ground lead on the advance plate loops over the advance arm on the AH it sits right where the pertronix base needs to sit . I spoke to pertronix and they said it needs that ground . I either need to swap advance plates or remove one end of the much shorter braided plate ground on the AH 73 dist and add an eyelet to it to ground it on one of the pertronix two studs. Trouble with that is if I need to install  points if the pertronix fails I can't . 

 Also the Vacuum advance does not work , hasn't since 2009 as far as I know. 

 I'd go with points yet lately most seem cheap and no one other than on-line sells condensors and the two I have are at least before 97 . I always had trouble with points lasting and don't feel an old condensor can be trusted . 

 Any thought's ? 

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