[T3] On a 73 T-3 SB fuel injected aut trans pinging .

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Sat Dec 9 11:28:10 PST 2017

 I think it's possible and even probable .

 There is just one detail I wanted to add. I just want to stress one point. 
I don't recall if I brought this up about when I start the car cold well 
before the ping thing . The AAR would be open , the idle would be set at 950 
, in a minute the idle would rise to 1500 RPM and once in reverse drop back 
down . As soon as I placed it back in park it would hang at 1500 for a 
while. And not to dwell on the unplugged air temp sensor . I just drove it 
today and last Thursday with the sensor un plugged and it no longer does 
this. From what I understand The AAR is only to allow air to bypass the 
closed throttle plate and the MPS senses this adding more fuel . It's not 
supposed to increase the RPM that much perhaps a bit yet not 550 RPM's 
higher than the set base idle . Since it rises so much it in fact advances 
the timing which it will because of the RPM increase . What it does now is 
start and run at 950 and basically holds that even in drive only with a 
short drop when I shift it into drive or reverse and once warm the idle 
drops to 850 and seems to remain there in drive then in park rises to 950. 
About a year ago it would have the 1500 RPM right away and if I let it idle 
it would stay there for a good 15 to 20 minutes then drop to the 950 and 
begin the erratic miss.

 I only bring this up not to debate what percentage the air temp sensor 
richens the mix only because doing this changes the way it runs so much . I 
have read this was an old techs trick on Rennlist I think . On the other end 
and only by a few people on Samba I am told to adjust the MPS . My thinking 
is not to mess with the MPS I feel it just work as is . It does not leak and 
the 2 readings 90 ohm and 350 ohms  are when they should be and it's the 
proper one for my E system..

 I do agree with a long drive yet based just on what the sensor does and 
it's not just the idle that smooths out it runs better as I drive it. Once I 
pulled the Dist that was sticking and installed the AH and timed it it lost 
a bit of pickup that came back with the sensor unplugged. I imagine there is 
some difference between the two distibutors advanc curve. Yet this did not 
fix the erratic miss that remained the same.

 Do I look for a vacuum leak?

 I am just trying to find out why this is. I'd rather run rich than lean for 
obvious reasons.
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> On 9 Dec 2017 at 11:18, Dave Hall wrote:
>> I wonder if all this is the car's way of asking you to take it for a good
>> drive.  Unless I'm mixing up two listees, this car isn't driven very far 
>> at
>> all.
>> I've certainly heard of VW dealers resorting to a good brisk drive in a
>> 'grumbling' car that does minimal mileage, just to clear out the 'soot'.
>> Now the advance is working better, maybe that's worth trying?
> Yes, I'll second that. William has said he never gets the car above 45 
> mi/hr,
> so let's see what a couple hours at 65-70 does.
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