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The 73 X engine that came in my 73 had dished pistons and stepped heads as 
did the 72 . I could tell the 73 was never rebuilt. I had a real difficult 
time getting the cylinders out of the heads . Only one stayed on the case . 
I never took it down further it still has the pistons on the rods. I'm 
pretty sure case numbers beginning with an X are the latest ones. The 72 
case I rebuilt came apart easy and it had dished pistons a well that one is 
a U for the first letter.

 Since I didn't buy the 73 new I have no idea if the engine was ever swapped 
and it was 12 years old when I bought it.
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> On 11 Dec 2017 at 19:21, Keith Park wrote:
>> Depends on how your engine is set up, CR etc.
>> 72's in the US had dished pistons and stepped heads, it will
>> run on 87, the 73's had flat tops and needed 89 in the hotter weather.
>> if it doesnt knock and ping on a certain grade, there's no reason
>> not to use it.
> I'm pretty sure that '72s and '73s both have the dished pistons. They
> both had the reduced 7.3:1 compression ratio.
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