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J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 21 18:05:20 PST 2017

Re:  '71 Sqbk Std   With loaner car to use for now, decided to remove the obviously bad master brake cylinder..to be replaced by a rebuild (Jim A. likely) or a shot in the dark with the best looking of my good-when-salvaged cylinders.     I've dunked the replacement in brake fluid for going on 3 days...in case that helps anything.  Did not try to open it and do anything.  Can't be worse than the one that's in the car...which, bad as it is, does stop the car...though care must be taken, to say the least.So...got all but one fluid line disconnected, with some effort and even small breaker pipes on that 11 mm wrench.   But the final one, for the through-the-car tube...the nut turns a tiny fraction...so it's not frozen to the cylinder, BUT it's frozen to the fluid tube.   If it's turned any more, the tube will break.   That's now soaking, for 3 days, with a tight strip of cloth around it to keep it wet with Liquid Wrench.    IF that doesn't come loose, without breaking the fluid tube, that's trouble.  I have spare, unused brake lines....BUT...I know I can't get the driver's seat out to replace that line under the rug and all.  Driver's seat is frozen in place w/ corrosion and rust.  Tried to move it a few years ago..with lumber and hydrolic jacks and banging and Liquid Wrench and etc but nothing.   That's because there's no way to soak the frozen runners with anything because Liquid Wrench doesn't spray uphill...under the slide metal.
Questions:*  Does keeping a used cylinder soaking for days help anything?*  Any tricks to undo that frozen brake line from the cylinder w/out breaking the brake line?*  Can that through-the-car brake line be replaced without removing driver's seat?
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