[T3] rear hatch/hinge issue

Jim Adney jadney at VWType3.org
Sun Feb 5 20:11:54 PST 2017

On 4 Feb 2017 at 16:53, Daniel Nohejl wrote:

> Well, the job is done and neither of us lost a finger or an eye. We now
> have one OG Royal Red hinge and one Peru Green (I think) hinge but at
> least the hatch opens and closes with ease. We've got a spray can of
> Royal Red paint on the way and once it arrives we'll cover up the
> visible parts of green as best we can. 

Congratulations on not mutulating yourself. ;-)

Glad the VW709 worked. Do you want to keep it, or return it? If you 
choose to keep it, I'll make myself another now that I know it works.

It's clear from your photos that the problem was not a bent hinge due
to abuse; it was simply worn out. I've never seen one like that, and 
it's obvious that this is the pivot that VW made the beefiest. Hope 
you took this opportunity to lube all the hinge points on each side.

With effort, this hinge could be saved and reused, but those parts 
are pretty easily found, so I don't see any point in that. 
Unfortunately, the time to color match them was before installation, 
so I'd just leave it as-is, as a sort of green badge of courage.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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