[T3] Fuel Pump relay not energizing

Dorough, Don CIV, NPPSC N3/PSD Pensacola don.dorough at navy.mil
Thu Feb 23 12:27:28 PST 2017

I've got a 1970 Fastback with the original fuel injection still on it.  

I bought the car not running and I’m trying to get it running.  

For some reason the ECU is not telling the fuel pump relay to energize then the key is turned on.  Therefore no fuel pressure, no start.

Fuel pump is good, relay is good, fuse is good.  I can actually manually energize the relay/pump by applying the "ground" to the relay that would normally come from the ECU and the car will start and run.

My question is why is this signal not coming from the ECU and what does the ECU check for before it will energize the fuel pump relay?  I'm thinking there is a problem somewhere else and not in the ECU.

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