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I tried  to back off the filler neck hose and see if the rubber bands were 
in place,  but the hose was oddly squishy and it seemed I’d either have to 
destroy the  hose to get it off or else lift up the tank a wee bit and I didn’
t have the  inclination to do either today. Even if the tank has ever come 
out, it was  before we owned the car or when it spent a year in OR so that 
would be 4 or 5  or more years ago. Seems odd that it’d be the rubber bands 
after all this  time, but who knows. In any case, I rotated the hose a bit 
and it seemed to  grip each nipple more tightly. I also moved the clamp to a 
new position and  will see if this helps. I’ll also order more rubber bands 
and a filler neck  hose just in case.
To replace the hose, the fuel tank really needs to come out, not  much, but 
just enough to make it easier to install the new hose. Way back when I  did 
that job on Sue's car, I got the hose from my local NAPA store. I think I  
paid 20 bucks for it, as it's a pretty special piece of fuel hose (made in 
the  USA). The one I took out had a long crack on the very inner layer, which 
lead to  the fuel smell. That was over 20 years ago, and it's been fine 
since.In fact  I've had the tank out twice since I replaced that hose. Once to 
replace the  tank, as it had some rust inside that kept clogging the fuel 
filter. I think  that was done back around 2007 when I converted the car back 
to FI.
Try and get a hose that's the same length if you can, as there's only  so 
much room to play with there. Also, once you get the rubber bands in place,  
and you're getting ready to slip the hose in place use some regular GOJO 
hand  cleaner as it'll help the hose slide on. It's also a petroleum product so 
gas  will just wash and mix with any that gets inside the tubing/tank, or 
hose.  You're not talking a lot, just enough to provide some lube.
Just my take on it, as I've had a number of tanks out over the years  )not 
all VW's either).

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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