[T3] 73 T3 squareback side to side ride height.

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Wed Jan 11 13:53:46 PST 2017

 I noticed the other day when I was parked on a slope in a parking lot my car seemed to lean to the left and I could see the difference looking at the rear tires to the fender lip . I got home and it did not stand out yet measuring the left rear is 1/4" lower than the right.

 I recall checking this quite a while back and the left was 1/4" lower . I checked the front and it's about the same .

 I have no spec's yet did a search on other cars and today even checked a newer Chevy SUV in our parking lot here and used my hand as a gauge and it was clear it's right rear was about 1 3/4" higher than the left rear. 

 most of the years I've owned this car I never checked this and most of the years I was the only one in the car . Even though I'm 150 pounds I suppose it's possible for the left side to be a bit lower. Not sure if it's a concern or not and it appears rear torsion bar adjust is the only solution which appears more work than it's worth. 


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