[T3] cool weather idle hunt

Daniel Nohejl d.nohejl at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 19:18:17 PST 2017

> I THINK you've consistently referred to this as a "warm idle lope." 
> What if it's the result of the idle speed being set too low. The FI 
> will sense that it's too low and try to boost it up a bit to keep the 
> engine from dying.
> Try increasing your idle speed adjustment a tiny amount, maybe 50 
> rpm.

I can definitely try that though back in November, we tried curing the “lope” by raising the idle speed. That fixed the idle during the “lope” period, but once the idle rebounded, it was way too high….just about 1200rpm….but it won’t hurt to try again, even if it’s more than a little frustrating. 

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