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Unfortunately, shops and shop classes have long since disappeared  from 
pretty much all NYC public schools. I’m pretty sure both of our schools  never 
even had one to begin with. 
That sounds disappointing. It just goes to show that craftsmen are a  
dyeing breed. I'm glad my son knows his way around a welder and a cutting torch.  
He also fixes computers, so he has a foot in both the past and the present. 
:  )
How about community colleges, voc tech schools, or even a portable welding  
service? I think our local school dropped "shop" class, but our local 
community  college has both machine shop and welding tech classes.
There's also plenty of small "job" shops around that can make almost  
anything one could want/need. You might try looking in the yellow pages, or  
doing a search for local places that can do something like that. Just a thought. 

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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