[T3] rear hatch/hinge issue

Daniel Nohejl d.nohejl at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 12:52:17 PST 2017

> Melissa and I have some errands to do this morning. I'll stop at 
> Harbor Freight and see if I can find a suitable screwdriver. If so, 
> I'll bend up a tool, per the drawing you posted.

Thanks, Jim, that would be amazing! Just email me directly when you figure out costs and shipping. 

> I bought my first Squareback on March 2, 1968. That was because in 
> Indiana you had to pay property tax on whatever you owned on March 1, 
> so the dealer was a little upset that he was going to have to pay the 
> tax. I'd only had the car a few weeks, when one of the torsion bars 
> for the front hood slipped out of place. Those bars have the same 
> sort of shepherd's crook end on them and it was the end of that loop 
> that slipped out. Rather than take it back to the dealer, I worked on 
> it myself and finally got it back into place. I don't remember how I 
> did it, but I do remember that it was quite a struggle and that much 
> later, when I saw the photo of the VW709 tool I realized how much 
> easier that would have made this job.

I wonder if it’s also the same tool for the rear hatch on buses. Anyone know?

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