[T3] Insurance for our old type 3's

dlstiefel dlstiefel at dekalbk12.org
Sun Mar 19 08:39:25 PDT 2017

> Most windshields arrive broken or get broken the first attempt at 
> install.
> Replacements are off the market now, remaining stock is being sold at 
> about
> 3X original cost, and many of the repro's just dont fit.
> try not to break your windshield!
> Keith
> Topnotch Restorations
> topnotch at nycap.rr.com
> http://www.a383ina68.addr.com/radiorest/main.htm
> 71 Squareback  "Hothe"
> 65 Notchback  "El Baja Rojo"
> 93 RX7  "Redstur"
> 87 Golf  "Winterat" RIP
> 01 Sentra SE "Boremobile"

My VW parts guy claims he can get all the glass for my FB all day long 
and windshields are $150. Even our local glass shop says he can't touch 
his prices on VW glass. Of course he may have been pack rating glass for 
many years he has been selling vw parts for almost since mine was new. 
For now I will stick with the white around edges windshield I got out of 
the parts square we had. It's VW and looks like it came with that 
square. It's a miracle we didn't break it taking it out of it and 
installing it in Clementine since I had never fooled with glass much 
till then.

Dennis Stiefel
72 Fastback FI MT
Rainsville, AL

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