[T3] Need Eberspacher BN-2 info

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Mon Mar 20 16:37:07 PDT 2017

I remember Ark, wanted $400 to rebuild my heater.  No doubt he would have
done a good job, but it was working properly and still is, that was 30 years
ago.  Mario or one of the Samba seller in Europe should be able to get
parts, or watch the swaps or get a parts heater.  the hard to find parts are
the install parts for the T3 (specific stuff), the heaters themselves are
rather common.


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> I'm guessing Ark Mirvis (Mirvus?), the Heaterman, isn't around anymore. If
> can find him, he would have whatever you need.

I looked for him online five years ago when I got our Type 3 and
realized we had a B4 heater. Apparently, he's long since gone back to
Hungary (I think) for retirement.

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