[T3] Type 3 front break calipers

Daniel K. Du Vall dduvall at 1peter4-10.org
Tue Mar 21 16:12:56 PDT 2017

OK here is some pictures of the ones I have that are not on the 72 square. I will try and get some of them soon as its stops raining probably tomarrow I hope.


Daniel Du Vall

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The set  I have that are in question do have duel blead valves as well as a 
tube that  connects each side of the caliper.
These sound like either BMW or Volvo calipers. Some people were  trying to 
adapt those calipers as replacements for the late t-3 caliper a few  years 
ago, and these might be a set of those from a PO. Just a thought.

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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