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Be kind  guys, my T3 book is for 66 and down.

On a 71, where is the switch for  the back up lamps?  Bulbs are new, but no
The back of the  back seat rattles horribly.  Was there an up pair of
latches to anchor  the seat to stop the rattling?  I remember my 66 had the
upper  latch.
Does anyone have a picture of the right side mirror for US spec  cars?  Mine
seems to have way too short of a  stem.

The reverse light switch is in the nose cone of the trans. Do you  have the 
black cigar with an 8 amp fuse in it in the engine bay? If not, you'll  
need it attached to the wire to the trans, and the coil.
Do you have the 2 springs attached to the side arms for the seat  back? If 
not, that might be the cause of your rattle.
I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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