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Does  anyone know how to find the thread Krusty by Bobnotch on the Samba?  
Are you asking about my 65 Notch (Krusty)? Or the full blown 71  rebuild 
(Krunchy)? Just asking, as Krunchy's rebuild is in my signature, while  
Krusty's "tune up" is in the forum somewhere, as I didn't highlight a link in my  
signature. That car was originally built in Oct 1999 (started), and was 
being  driven in April 2000. I never really posted any pics of it as 
construction went  by, but I do have a stack of photos of the work. The tune up pics on 
the Samba  basically showed the front cowl being replaced, and repairing 
the roof before  paint. Then the rest of the car got a color tune up before  
I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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