[T3] Lights

dlstiefel dlstiefel at dekalbk12.org
Wed Nov 1 13:48:05 PDT 2017

A local city police officer in our town who is also the SRO officer for 
our school informed me that there was some one who complained to him 
that someone in an orange VW Fastback is driving around town with no 
brake lights. Of course it was me because there is only one other VW T3 
in my little town and its a yellow square that rarely sees the light of 
day other than Marion McDonald's blue FB but he is 15 miles from me.  So 
we went over to the car immediately and done a quick light check inside 
the shop. Everything worked fine. Since we got Clementine back going in 
2013 this makes the third time I have had someone complain that my brake 
lights were not working. But every time this has happened it's been a 
bright sunny day with the sun to my back. I suspect it's because the 
common driver of 2017 is use to cars and trucks with big bright LED 
lights found on the majority of modern vehicles. Nothing we can do about 
that but it has made me think once agin about changing over to LEDs for 
safety reasons. By the way before anyone ask I have practically new tail 
light lens on it and they are clean on the inside. I think they are 
working about as bright as I can get them in stock form. Has anyone went 
the LED route and if so who did you get your lights from?

Dennis Stiefel
72 Fastback FI MT
Rainsville, AL

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