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dlstiefel dlstiefel at dekalbk12.org
Wed Nov 1 18:54:43 PDT 2017

> That seems odd, Dennis, because I've never thought of the late Type 3s 
> as
> having dim brake lights. LEDs would make a difference, but you might 
> want
> to make sure you have the right bulbs in there first, and make sure 
> they are
> wired up right.

The middle ones for the tail light and brake has 1157 and the top for 
turn signal and bottom for back up light are 1156. The road I live on is 
a fairly busy high way for our size town and in the afternoon when I am 
traveling home the sun is to my back and this is when and where I have 
gotten complainants. The light on it are no more dim the the lights on 
my brother's 71 beetle so I figure there's no problem there. I still 
think it's people that are just too use to the brighter lights on modern 
vehicles but maybe I'm missing something here. I do agree the late model 
T3 tail lights are brighter than the early ones. I remember how dim the 
ones were on the 69 FB I use to have was.

> The brake light bulb is a dual filament bulb: One filament is for the 
> running
> lights and the other is the brake light. The brake light filament is 
> brighter than the running light. If the wiring was swapped around, 
> you'd be
> using the dimmer filament for the brakes, which might explain what that
> person has noticed. So compare the normal taillights with the brake 
> lights
> and make sure the brake lights are brighter.
> If they are backwards, the error could be at the taillight assy. or it 
> could be
> farther forward.

They are brighter when the brakes are applied than when just the tail 
lights are on.

> And even if you can buy a dual LED lamp, if the wiring is reversed,
> that'll still
> give you a bright taillight and a dim brake light.

I think they make bulbs like that I was just wondering if there was a 
better brand to go with.

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