[T3] On the TVS # 311 906 111E.

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Thu Nov 2 16:16:25 PDT 2017

 I was just checking an older one which has the wire on/off switch contacts on a spare throttle body. 
 My question is when I adust it so the wiper is just  on the edge of #20 and ready to contact # 9 and the on/off switch moves a slight amount before this happens and the contat wiper is on the edge of #17 park position. I use the throttle as the stop not the stop on the switch because a throttle body can wear over time . 

 Is it normal with the throttle closed to be able to push the long arm on the pivot by hand back so everything moves back where it hits the switch stop? 

 Is only the friction of the actual pivot wave washers that keeps it from moving back on it's own? 

 I can see some movement in the staked pivot which is the brown plastic part that pivots on the metal staked part . When I open the throttle I see side to side play and don't know if that is wear or just play they all have. .

 I did test the one on the car and it works as it should on all tests.  

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