[T3] 1971 Clutch Job

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 4 13:15:54 PDT 2017

Thanks to some advice from this list  ( and from local mechanics who USED TO work on old VWs) my totally worn-down clutch is headed for recycle bin, and the shift stick, is working again.
When I first pulled the engine and just replaced the disk with my best used disk (from a working car), the shifter wouldn't change gears.   I could easily change gears when engine wasn't on...which isn't much help.

So...the most common advice was to change the works...disk, pressure plate and throw-out bearing.  Clutch kits were available on-line but that would take days for shipping etc....but I managed to find one, $98 plus tax, in Philadelphia...a 15 minute drive away in my borrowed car.   Kit contained all the above, plus a very handy plastic centering guide. 
  Also in the kit (with no "menu" attached) was a small needle bearing thing...about 7/8 in. diameter, 5/8 high.  Nothing like that was in the car, that I know of, so I didn't put it in anywhere, of course.   What is it?  For some variant car?
[Since the engine and (manual) trans are '72...that's the date I used to order the kit.]

Maybe it's just because I got so used to a slipping clutch (over a year) but the new clutch has the car sort of lurching, with energy, into gear at each change.  I have to be  much more cautious with the clutch pedal...then there's no lurch sensation.  Is this to be expected?

Tthe pedal has about two inches of play.  Luckily, I got the wing-nut cable adjuster un-frozen when the engine was out...so it won't be TOO impossible to adjust the play.  How urgent is that job?  Any harm to delay?         

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