[T3] Master Brake Cylinder

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 15 17:45:25 PST 2017

Re '71 Sqbk.  Master brake cylinder is obviously shot.  It's a wonder it stops the car, but it does.   Unexpected benefit is that one DOES drive Quite Carefully with minimal brakes.
  I have four or five spare master cylinders, all removed from past cars when they were working.   BUT...there's differences...besides some being more rusty than others.
Just one has an electrical plug connection at the end (facing front) of the cylinder, not on the side.  It looks like the electrical plug has enough room so it won't bump into the axle beam.  Was that from a bus, or beetle?
Some others have electrical plugs removed.  Others have plugs, but in different plug holes than the others OR the one still in the car.
Bottom line question:  Does it matter which hole takes an electric plug...or a brake fluid line?    Interchangeable? 
 That is, I'd rather have the three brake lines going to the same hole arrangement as the one in the car, to minimize metal tube bending contortions....then just put the electrical plugs in the remaining two holes.   Is that the right path?   Bentley says nothing about this.
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