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J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 30 11:15:45 PST 2017

Re: '71 std.   Yesterday, on highway at 60+ mph, it seemed like the car was pulling a trailer, with slight on and off drag feeling.  No such feel at lower speeds or lower gears.
Today, starting up, it felt as if a wheel was frozen...heavy drag.  Got to good parking spot in front of house..lifted left rear...brake off, out of gear, and the wheel would not turn.  Same lift of right rear...no problem there.  Wheel turned fine.
 Loosened lug nuts then on left rear, planning to investigate inside the brake assembly, but, after nuts  loosened and two nuts removed, the wheel turned easily as it should.  Magic fix.  Without going further, put nuts back on, tightened them, and wheel still spun properly.  Took it for a spin (not at high speed) and all seems fine.  

Question is:  What happened?  Did hand brake cable just get stuck somehow?  If so, where would such a thing happen?...in the wheel brake assembly?  In the cable tube?  At hand brake lever area?   It's tricky looking for a problem that's not doing the problem at the moment.
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