[T3] Outside Window Scraper Rubber - Have to Buy Frames?

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We all  wish we could buy just the rubber, but that has not been possible 
far.  Maybe someone will make repro rubber available someday. Some 
people have  been able to buy bus rubber and cut it down to make it sort of 
fit. The  inside rubber looks like it should work, but the hidden parts are 
different enough that this doesn't really work.  
I too wish we could just buy the rubber, and re-use the existing trim  
piece, since it actually fits.
On my 65 Notch I bought "type 3" trims from CIP. However, these were  for 
the Brazilian type 3, which doesn't share body shapes very much. In the end  
I used just the rubber from them, as they were that far off. Even the rubber 
was  a 1/2 inch too short in length. I also replaced the rear/top glass run 
channel  (the "U" shaped piece), but these must have been cut to bug length 
as they were  about 5" too short as well.
I don't really know where to buy stuff that actually fits like it's  
supposed to any more, as everybody seems to carry the same stuff. :O

Bob 65 Notch  w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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