[T3] I have a question on the late 10 mm coolers with the part # .

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Fri Oct 20 18:53:28 PDT 2017

 Thank you Jim ;

 I know there were the 90 degree fittings on certain models . Didn't know 
they were just on carbed engines . The one I have on my 73 is not a VW part 
, i got it in 89 when I got the VDO oil pressure gauge/ 7 PSI light switch . 
First not knowing I got a brass T from them and had the oil temp and 
pressure and found out real fast that there was not enough flow that way . 
Then the VDO dealer here had a few of these banjo fittings and more of a 60 
degree angle and it went right in with the copper seals . I can't recall 
what I did with the original VW sender yet it did have a taper no copper 
seal. Since VDO told me the sender I have which comes with a copper seal yet 
won't seat enough in that adapter it might be a 1/8" NPT . I had it out 
yesterday and to me the VDO sender looked like it was tapered even though 
it's the M10x1 thread . Even though they have the same part number the new 
ones show a sealing washer and things tend to change like my same model and 
# gauges are not like the late ones even with the same number. If the VDO 
sender was M10x1 straight I doubt it would thread into a M10x1 tapered 
thread far enough to hold let alone seal. I don't see signs of what one 
would see if you forced a M10x2 into a 1/8" NPT.

 Just though I would pass that one in case anyone else wanted to dive into 
the world of gauges.
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> On 20 Oct 2017 at 15:57, William J wrote:
>>  My question is do the late coolers have a tapered thread or straight 
>> 10mm
>>  x1 .
> I THINK all our coolers had straight M10 x 1 threads, but the OE sensors
> that screwed into them had tapered threads. That combination works just
> fine, but the coolers should also work with banjo fittings (straight 
> threads)
> and copper washers, as long as the top surface of the cooler boss is 
> smooth.
> Type 3s that came from the factory with dual carbs, used the right hand
> banjo adaptor that you described to get the oil sender out from under the 
> air
> filter crossover pipe.
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