[T3] 73 T-3 auto trans distributor mechanical advance weight's?

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Fri Oct 27 17:41:48 PDT 2017

 Does anyone know if they are the same part ? 

 I ask because I took mine apart and cleaned all the crud in it and replaced the fiber washers/ spacers and metal shims. It has no wear. I took photo's of everything as I took it apart . 

 I marked the weights yet what I don't know is since it looked like at some point someone lubed it with this red grease below the breaker plate.
and I don't know if they went any further. The advance weights looked identical plus there is one thin spring and one thick . I put those back where they were based on the the hole size in the cam and the photo's I took. 

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