[T3] Clutch Plate Problem, cont'd....

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Sat Oct 28 21:04:24 PDT 2017

 I  Haven't replaced a clutch in a VW in decades.

 First what was the issue with the old clutch? Was the replacement the same 
and did you fit it the correct way .

 I don't understabd why waiting hours would change anything other than heat 
from running the engine. Or possibly the pilot bearing in the crank somehow 
is binding up.

 If you raise the rear off the ground is it possible to move the release 
lever with a bar with the cable off and see if you cna rotate the rear 
wheels ? Just to try to isolate what may be happening?
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> Add to the previous Clutch Plate Problem post..About 3 hours after finding 
> that the gears could only be changed when car wasn't running, with nothing 
> done in the in those 3 hours, the gears now won't change either engine off 
> or engine running. It's stuck in reverse gear...engine off or engine on. 
> Can't even get it to neutral. This must be a clue to something.
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